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A Message of Love


Love is a gift, it's a spiritual gesture shared by the entire world, only God could have created such an energy that you can be attracted to someone or something that triggers inner emotions that has the power to bring you to tears, the power to make you smile or laugh, the power to make you give. It's the gift of love that turns the positive side of the universe ... FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, so Love One Another no matter what race or gender, In all that you do, do it with love and it will be more enjoyable, and remember when you speak love most of the time you get it back. There is someone out there needing the love you have to give right now, 

We truly put a lot of love in making our beverages, we do public tastings for months before we formulate it, because we want that smile from you letting us know that we took our time to make it right, and made you fall in love with our uniquely flavored teas UNIQUE FLAVORS GET SOME!!! ... 

PHONE:  1-844-5FLAVOR {35-2867}


LOCAL:   1- 404-227-2016












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