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The taste of the tropical Islands in a bottle


Unique Flavors believes that in order to have a name like unique you must truly be “UNIQUE,“  this was and still is the #2 goal of the company. The #1 goal is quality and consumer pleasure.

We set out to create the best of the best tasting tea beverage drinks in the world, our special carefully blends of tea with fruit juices sets us apart from any other. Unique Flavors LLC was created in 2014 in Atlanta Georgia , the creative idea came from Anthony Richardson of Cantonment Florida  as he created and used this beverage as a showcase drink on his Mon & Wed night visually live online love song show Luv & Rhythms at , the taste was so unique that he continued to make it and it soon became a treat for family and guest, after an extremely high demand he felt that it was finally time to perfect it and make it public, and as it went public, we found that you the consumer in each case was so pleased that now unique flavors tea’s are in demand everywhere and we are just chipping the ice, Our first on the market tea, the brand new Pineapple Lime Tea has surpassed all other tea’s in all categories… refreshing, best taste, best after taste, best new product, best new bottle design,  meaning we have the next big thing that the world continuously search for, we’re  the new alternative to soft drinks and our tea’s comes with a supply of vitamin C,  so along with the health  benefits that original tea brings, you have an added attraction to the health aid of tea. When was the last time you had something that was truly good for you that taste so good that you had to go back for more?  Well, here we are, the Unique Flavors family is here to stay. The staff is made up of truly spiritually grounded loving and kind individuals who cares about what they do and how they do it, keeping God first in all we do so you get the kind of service that only people who know love can give, so for my tea lovers or likers if the taste don’t fit we acquit.


We have 2 flavors in production with many more to come as the research is extensive in creating the best tasting tea beverage in the world because as you know there are a lot of great tasting tea’s out there, so setting ourselves apart from all other tea makers is a tough job, our beverages has to be approved by all staff members, their families, their friends, then the taste test public before we produce it, as you will find, on the back of every bottle the creators signature because he guarantee's the taste. See more throughout this website on how you can place orders, purchase products, win a free bottle, a free case, or cases and MONEY just by purchasing the Unique Flavors products. Stay strong and may God bless you continuously. Enjoy the site.

True testimony from social

     media in their words


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Dennis Morales : Vice president of Power Brands 

 Love it! This tea is AMAZING!!!

August 24, 2014 at 12:58am


Dwaine Go Reality show producer & director

July 21, 2014 at 2:52pm

I've tasted this tea and I can say with absolute conviction that this is the best tea I've ever tasted.

Damian Hill Radio DJ:

As you can see I am a tea a drinker to the heart. And I'm always mixing teas for various reasons. Unique Flavors has come up with something that has to be the most refreshing and tastiest tea I have EVER had. Crisp flavor and no aftertaste. Great great great stuff.

Ms Valerie Pensacola Florida

July 22, 2014 at 4:45pm

Unique tea is one of the best tasting beverage I've had in a long time, it brings back memories.....Ms.Valerie.


Great things comes from a bottle of Unique Flavors Pineapple Lime Tea

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