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Shaker Heights Ohio has produced the new #1 Waffel maker in Ohio....I Heart waffel located at 16802 Chagrin Blvd Shaker Heights Ohio 44120 has blessed the Area Walmart with it's delicious foods using new state of the art equipment for fast and efficient great tasting food just as fast as you can get a hamburger & Fries from traditional fast food stores. Owner Phil Davis has made a commitment to always put the consumer and quality food "FIRST" This rapidly growing chain is soon to be in a Walmart location near you using far less space and energy than any other hot food distributor in any Walmart location, and NOW I Heart Waffel will carry the #1 worlds best tasting tea from Unique Flavors, the new Pineapple Lime Tea... WOW!! the future is bright for Unique Flavors and I Heart Waffel and it is all done for "YOU" the consumer, we do the hard work you enjoy the fruits of our labor, It's called LOVE.

Click and find Unique Flavors review in this Magazine on the 21st page... Wow!!!

Unique Flavors  taking home The 2016 Beverage Of The Year Award May 27th 2016

Atlanta Marriott  Marquis Hotel Welcomes Unique Flavors Teas to it's Starbucks gift shop shelves
Unique Flavors  Anthony Richardson at the Emmy Awards Saturday June 11th 2016  

Unique Flavors owner/CEO Anthony Richardson 

Tytan Pictures  Ray Jacobs

Southern Barter Club President Laurie Sosa

Eubanks Jazzin Gin CEO/Atl House Wives Star Dwight Eubanks
Latisha Robb
Unique Flavors Owner Anthony Richardson
Unique Flavors Consumer specialist Shanta Appling

Unique Flavors owner Anthony Richardson and

The civil rights Trumpet Awards Legend Xernona Clayton

In a recent meeting with the buyers of Walmart Unique Flavors received a YES for the shelves of the retail giant, however every business transaction logistics has to be worked out and we are in the mist of solving that problem to make this tea very acessible  to you and get healthy beverages back on America's dinner tables, refrigerators, and kids lunch boxes..then the rest of the world.
We are completeing the final steps for very soon as well as an affiliate of Whole Foods and other buyers. They say patience is a virture and Unique Flavors staff and it's affiliates is just that... working on other venues such as Whole Foods retail stores, Target, Kroger, ect. We are  in negotiations with several major beverages companies to bring you Unique Flavors around the globe, so the TEA WAR IS OVER... UNIQUE FLAVORS WINS THE  TEA BATTLE IN TASTE , QUALITY AND IN HEALTH...GOD BLESS THE JOURNEY AND TO HIM BE THE GLORY...Amen
Magazine Mogul John Blassingame 
Blackmen Magazine party in Newark New Jersey