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About Anthony Richardson


Anthony Richardson believes that talking seems too much like bragging and he is as humble as they come, just ask those who are lucky enough to surround him, you will know he is a show person and a true man of his word, Anthony known as The Luv Dr on wluv radio has a resume about 20 miles long, this extremely talented and gifted young man has polished this earth with his grace and wisdom professionally since 1992 when he musically produced his 1st professional recording artist under the Platinum Atlanta Record label who was under the world renouned SOLAR Sounds Of Los Angeles Records, Anthony being a recording artist himself signed a major recording deal with the world known Sony Music, at the same time Anthony was a contestant in the Man Of The Year competition in which he placed 2nd runner up, from that began a long career in the acting business landing work on shows like I'll Fly Away, In The Heat Of The Night, motion pictures like The War with actor Kevin Costner, A Family Torn Apart with Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser), Movie Getting Out with Rebecca De Mornay, Fluke, and many more. Anthony has worked for years along side the greats like Natalie Cole, Carol Oconnor, Larry Hagman. Carl Weathers, Howard Rollins Jr. Ann Marie Johnson, the list goes on and on, Anthony created his very own Nustarr Records signing his first kids group X's 3 (Times 3 ) with the beautiful hit song After The Rain, Today one of those singers is non other than the internet sensation country music star of 2020 Blanco Brown, Anthony signed and produced  singing sensation Raphael Thomas, also providing beautiful ballad tracks for most record labels in the industry such as LaFace Records Columbia, Innerscope, Blackground, and Capitol Records, meaning he's one heck of a music producer, one of the best ballad producers in Atlanta. Anthony has worked with countless of recording artist too many to name. Anthony also brought to Atlanta some of the first large showcase fashion shows with over 60 to 100 models per show and 25 to 50 new designers inwhich some went on to be top designers in the business, Fashion Oddessy, The End oF The Decade Fashion Explosion, The Battle On The Catwalk just to name a few, Owner and creator of First Class Modeling and Acting Center 6830 Roswell road in Roswell Ga.


Anthony is currently the owner of Unique Flavors LLC A new award winning tea company holding the trophy for the worlds best tasting teas, 2016 beverage of the year, also Superior Services & Installations Trucking company  ( pictured below ), and owner of Nustarr Records,  he has created 8 lucrative inventions in the works now, currently being developed, Anthony is also currently writing, directing his 2nd produced motion picture in full development entitled "INVINCIBLE" a superhero movie with substance and meaning, loving actors and actresses who touches your spirit through the screen, He also does sound tracks and scores for motion pictures as he is currently scoring the film...he scored the Vimeo short film called SEVEN MINUTE RUSH and it won the film festival as best short film...credited.

Anthony is formally Luv Dr on Luv & Rhythms radio show, It is on this show that the brand new Unique Flavors company was created, Anthony created what is forever known as the new Pineapple Lime Tea, it is the beverage that brought about the 2016 beverage of the year award. Anthony reached out to several formulators and settled with beverage making giants Power Brands, vice president Dennis Morales helped develop this tea's, 9 people tried it 9 people loved it 6 took it home was the very first message from the staff of this company... impressive...named by Walmart buyers and world tea consumers the best tasting tea in the world, it is now the best new product, The best New Bottle, It is by far The best new taste. Unique Flavors has been approached by Coke, Pepsi and many other organizations to sell company but Anthony refused stating that job creations comes from creating something new and involving the world.

Unique Flavors has been invited to the World Tea Expo in Las-Vegas, Anthony has created over 48 flavors of amazing unique teas, Anthony is Founder and creator of the Unique Flavors Smart Kiddz Foundation, already in Georgia school systems it's a program for the school systems around the US and abroad, this program is designed to help kids work together collectively to help each other achieve higher test scores, and learn true life skills from the professionals who do it, the highest GPAs receive a Unique Flavors tea party of their favorite flavors, Smart Kiddz certificates, Smart kiddz T-shirt for bragging rights, special celebrity guest and more.

Anthony is a member of one of the most elite and selfless organizations in the world called CEO space listed in Forbes magazine, meeting and working with greats like Founder CEO Berny Dohrmann, Dale Richards, Les Brown, Kathy Lee Crosby, Meg Wilson, William Sullivan,  naming a few. Unique Flavors is now connecting with BIAB "Booze In A Bottle"  to bring you some of the greatest mixed drinks in the world with it's all natural flavors, new flex packaging for schools, Kios machines for easy consumer purchases, MLB and Soccer stadiums,

Unique Flavors has many world relationships with countries like Bahamas, Dubai, India, Japan naming a few. Anthony's list can go on but will stop here so as to digest everything you have seen here so trust me this is one amazing guy with one amazingly positive attitude, Anthony puts 100% in all that he does and stands behind his words and his work as you will see when you purchase a bottle of the best tasting tea in the world his signature is on the back of his bottles. May the spirit of God reign over you and your families and if you don't believe May My God send you blessings and love. Thank You.


Best tasting tea..

  Best new design..

  Best new product.

2016 Beverage of the year


Founder & Creator Anthony Richardson

Luv & Rhythms Luv Dr radio personallity

Anthony Richardson as Cyrus in the movie "INVINCIBLE"


Tel: 510-UNFTEAS. or 1-404-227-2016

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